WinSETT Centre's Sponsorship Program supports and expands our operations and programming. Click here for more information.

WinSETT is delighted to announce that Husky Energy is our inaugural Platinum Sponsor for 2015-17. Husky's commitment to diversity in their operations across the country and this significant contribution illustrate a great alignment to the mandate and programs of WinSETT. We appreciate their generosity.  Thank you.

WinSETT is pleased to thank petroforma laboratories, our fourth Bronze Level Sponsor, and its President Michael Hanrahan for his personal support of the WinSETT Centre and specifically our Women in SETT Leadership Program. Michael has shared his company's diversity initiatives with other technology leaders in our Toward a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace workshop.

In 2016, VanCity, a member-owned financial co-operative headquartered in Vancouver, became our third Bronze Level Sponsor. Thank you.

TAQA North was WinSETT's second Bronze Level Sponsor in 2015, through a donation through their Helping Hands Award to Joy Brown.

TAQA Cheque Small

L-R Leroy McKinnon (TAQA Senior Assoc. PR), Joy Brown (TAQA Senior Geoscientist & WinSETT Board Director),

Margaret-Ann Armour (WinSETT Pres.), Lance Petersen (TAQA VP, Land & Commercial)

The WinSETT Centre's first Bronze Level Sponsor was the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology whose contribution supported the development of this website.

WinSETT also welcomes customized sponsorships.  In 2017, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum became a WinSETT Centre Annual Board Meeting Sponsor.  Thank you CAF! 

The Sponsorship Advantage

By becoming a Sponsor of the WinSETT Centre, you/your organization will

  • Benefit from the services of the WinSETT Centre
  • Gain high visibility with highly motivated individuals in communities of influence
  • Demonstrate leadership within the professions, industry, SETT sectors, and the general public
  • Promote and bring the benefits of gender diversity within SETT careers