Special Topics


Special Topics are part of the WinSETT Leadership Program for women in SETT. They examine an aspect of the workshops in a shorter amount of time than the full day workshop.  Note they do not replace the workshops, nor do they cover all aspects of the workshop.

Special topics are:

  • 60-120 minute interactive sessions
  • Led by a WinSETT Facilitator
  • Intended for a SETT audience.
  • Audience can be single or a mixed gender
  • No maximum number of participants.

Currently there are 10 WinSETT Special Topics.  Each includes the gender aspect of the topic as well as research, tips and strategies.  For mixed Gender audiences, there will be a discussion about why it is important to have mixed gender discussions on these topics.

Participants will receive an invitation to join the WinSETT Online Leadership Network as well as an online evaluation.  The evaluation results will be shared with the host of the Special Topic.

The available Special Topics are listed below.

  1. Making Your Communication Style Work for You
  2. Working with Challenging People
  3. Navigating Difficult Conversations
  4. Addressing and Understanding Unconscious Bias
  5. Introduction to Negotiation
  6. Identifying and Managing your Career Stakeholders
  7. Leading Change
  8. Mentors vs Sponsors
  9. Addressing and Understanding Microaggressions
  10. Improving your Networking Skills and Professional Presence
  11. Creating Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces

Learning Outcomes

Click here to see the Learning Objectives for each Special Topic.

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