Research and Best Practices

The following reports, papers and sources represent a selection of recent research and effective practices in SETT fields and women’s leadership. See also WinSETT Publications.


Stemming the Tide: Why Women Leave Engineering

This 2011 paper by Fouad and Singh documented results of surveys of 3700 US female engineers, summarizing the reasons women leave, and stay, in engineering careers.

What’s So Special about STEM? A Comparison of Women’s Retention in STEM and Professional Occupations

A 2013 paper by Glass et al. comparing the trajectories of women in STEM-related occupations to other professional occupations showed that women in STEM occupations are significantly more likely to leave their occupational field than professional women, especially early in their career.

Climbing the Technical Ladder Solutions to Recruit Technical Women; Women Technologists Count; Recommendations and Best Practices to Retain Women in Computing

The Anita Borg Institute produced several reports in 2013, documenting factors affecting career success and advancement, along with promising practices to recruit and retain women in computing.