Research and Best Practices

The following reports, papers and sources represent a selection of recent research into the factors that affect recruitment, retention and advancement of SETT women. In addition, there are resources that cover effective practices to increase the numbers, career success and leadership of women in these fields. See also Publications.

Exploring the Career Pipeline: Gender Differences in Pre-Career Expectations

Female university graduates expect to make a lot less money than their male counterparts [12.5% less in initial job for science and engineering grads], according to a study of 23,000 Canadian university students reported in 2011 by Schweitzer Lyons, and Ng.

Mining for Diversity: An Employer's Guide to Attract, Recruit and Retain a Diverse Workforce

The Mining Industry Human Resources Council’s 2008 report summarizes industry practices and tools for attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent from diverse target groups. In these pages, you will find a specific focus on women, new Canadians, youth, mature workers, and workers from other industries.

The Pathway Forward: Creating Gender Inclusive Leadership in Mining and Resources

In 2012, the Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership at Carleton University examined the literature and interviewed participants in the sector to identify barriers and suggest a holistic approach in applying strategies for success.