Research and Best Practices

The following reports, papers and sources represent a selection of recent research into the factors that affect recruitment, retention and advancement of SETT women. In addition, there are resources that cover effective practices to increase the numbers, career success and leadership of women in these fields. See also Publications.

Moving Forward Together - Report of the CCWESTT Policy Forum

This report summarizes the 2012 Policy Forum co-organized by CCWESTT and Status of Women Canada. The focus of the forum was on the experiences of women engaged in SETT fields and on the policies, programs and practices affecting their participation. Its goal was to inspire a partnership approach to increasing the participation of women in SETT, by moving forward together, from insight to action.

On the Level: Women Working in Trades and Technology; Women in the Aerospace Industry - Employer’s guides to creating respectful workplaces

The Hypatia Association produced two guides in 2009 to support employers seeking to hire diverse women in trades and technology. They present field-tested approaches to the creation and sustainability of welcoming, safe and respectful workplaces.

In the Picture…a future with women in science, trades and technology

The Hypatia Association produced three guides in 2004 for NS employers and they include research summaries, findings from focus groups and action oriented strategies for change.