Research and Best Practices

The following reports, papers and sources represent a selection of recent research into the factors that affect recruitment, retention and advancement of SETT women. In addition, there are resources that cover effective practices to increase the numbers, career success and leadership of women in these fields. See also Publications.

The State of Women in Construction

Despite successful initiatives to increase the numbers of women in the construction industry, the rate of their participation, particularly in the trades and onsite construction management, has not grown significantly over time. This 2010 study examines the barriers, as well as good practices that could be implemented to overcome them.

SWE Literature Reviews

Each year, the Society of Women Engineers publishes an annual review of social science and related literature. Contributing both a bibliography and authoritative analysis to the body of knowledge concerning women in engineering, and more generally, the STEM professions, these reviews offer a single source from which to view the most significant findings and insight into research trends.

WEPAN Knowledge Center

Women in Engineering Proactive Network hosts a free on-line centre that provides access to searchable, catalogued and fully cited information resources including research reports, data and statistics, papers, bibliographies, best practices, key programs, conference proceedings, webinars and more.