Leadership Program

The WinSETT Centre delivers a series of professional development workshops tailored primarily to early to mid-career female engineers, scientists and technologists in science and technology based sectors. Graduate students and senior undergraduates have also benefited. The program has been developed by professionals based on the experiences of women in SETT and grounded in research and practices that work. In current delivery are:

  • Becoming Leaders: An Introduction to Leadership Skills and Strategies
  • Effective Communication for Women in SETT
  • Negotiating for Success
  • Navigating the Politics of the Workplace
  • Networks, Mentors and Sponsors
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Towards a Gender Inclusive Workplace

 Over 135 Workshops and 30 Special Topics delivered in ten provinces as of November 2018.

 Very positive evaluation and feedback from >4000 participants, with participants wanting new modules.

  • The workshop was excellent. Without a doubt it is a "must do" for young women in the early phase of their career. In fact for all women, regardless of what phase they are at. Thank you.
  • The workshops are fabulous - I have enjoyed them all to date.
  • I really appreciate all the information, insights and tools. I will use them!
  • It's always interesting to hear the speakers, hearing about their personal achievements and struggles in their careers. It helps to make the information in the workshops more personal.
  • Very engaging, educational and empowering. Thank you.

⇒ Towards a Gender Inclusive Workplace is a customized half-day module for employers. In this workshop, managers and leaders have the opportunity to strengthen inclusive and positive workplaces to welcome, support and enable talented women to succeed and advance, and bring the benefits of diversity to the organization.

  • I found all material, information and discussions valuable.
  • Very well done. The speakers had great credibility.
  • It is very refreshing to be able to openly speak about this topic.


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